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Permanent Make Up


PErmanent make-up

In the pursuit of easier mornings, we bring you permanent beauty to make your mornings easy.


The Signature - classic

If you are loving the mascara look then this may be the set of lashes you are looking for. One extension will be applied onto one natural lash giving your lashes a darker and longer look.


the signature - volume

Have sparse lashes or just always wanting more? Finer lashes are used to create handmade fans and applied onto one natural lash to give a fluffy yet fuller look.


the rebel - hyrbid

You don’t need to decide between classic and volume anymore - you can have BOTH! Every other lash will be applied with classic or volume giving a very wispy look.


the extra - mega volume

If volume isn’t enough then here comes the mother of all volume. Giving the most coverage and darkest lashes, the finest and softest lashes are created to achieve this look.


lash styles



The longest length is placed in the middle of the eye or sometimes at the arch of the eyebrow. This shape will help open up the eye and follows a more natural and timeless look.



Anyone say cat eye? This look is for someone looking to replicate the wing eyeliner look. The longest length will only be placed. on the outer lashes. Perfect for a sexy and fierce look.



Bat those pretty lashes with this universal style.for all eye shapes. The longest length is placed in the middle to the end which will help round up the eye. This look is one of our most requested.



This style is almost always loved by the Princess lovers as it is a more exaggerated look of it. The longest length is placed about 3/4 of the eye to the end which will create a more even and very round look to the eye, giving. a flirty appearance.